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Infineon Fsbb20ch60c – IGBT Module supplier


• UL Certified No. E209204 (UL1557)
• 600 V – 30 A 3-Phase IGBT Inverter with Integral Gate
Drivers and Protection
• Low-Loss, Short-Circuit Rated IGBTs
• Very Low Thermal Resistance Using AlN DBC Substrate
• Built-In Bootstrap Diodes and Dedicated Vs Pins Simplify PCB Layout
• Separate Open-Emitter Pins from Low-Side IGBTs for
Three-Phase Current Sensing
• Single-Grounded Power Supply
• Isolation Rating: 2500 Vrms / min.

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FSBB30CH60C is an advacned Motion SPM® 3 series that ON Semiconductor has newly developed to provide a very compact and high performance inverter solution for AC motor drives in low-power applications such as air conditioners. It combines optimized circuit protections and drives matched to low-loss IGBTs. The system reliability is further enhanced by the integrated under-voltage lock-out and over-current protection. The high speed built-in HVIC provides optocoupler- less single-supply IGBT gate driving capability that further reduces the overall size of the inverter system. Each phase leg current of the inverter can be monitored thanks to three separate negative dc terminals.



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