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Who we are?

Shenzhen Informic Electronic, established in 2012 in Guangdong, China, is a leading provider of comprehensive semiconductor solutions and electronic components. With a strong presence in the semiconductor field, we collaborate with renowned brands such as TI, ST, ADI, Micron, NXP, and Broadcom, among others. Our expertise lies in assisting customers with hard-to-find IC chips, BOM lists, and offering top-quality PCB, SMT, and PCBA services. We take pride in delivering 100% genuine original parts, ensuring reliability and performance. With a global reach and local expertise, we streamline the sourcing process, reducing costs, and accelerating electronics manufacturing. Trust Informic Electronic for all your electronic component needs.

Large Stocks

With an extensive inventory of over 5,000,000 electronic components, we offer a diverse range of products including IC chips, transistors, diodes, and more. Enjoy fast shipping within 1-3 days, making us your trusted source for high-quality electronic components. Experience exceptional service and reliability as we cater to your unique needs in the electronics industry.​

OEM/ODM Service

Your Trusted OEM/ODM Partner for Electronic Components. Get top-quality PCB, SMT, and PCBA services. We specialize in hard-to-find IC chips and BOM lists. Global reach, local expertise, and 100% genuine parts. Streamlined sourcing process, reduced costs. Trust us for all your electronic component needs.

Why Shenzhen Informic Electronic?

Efficient BOM List Service

 Simplify Component Sourcing with Our Comprehensive One-Stop Solution. Save time and reduce costs with our streamlined BOM management. Access a wide range of high-quality electronic components for your projects. Trust our expertise to simplify your procurement process and ensure smooth production. Contact us for a seamless BOM sourcing experience.

Assured Quality

Enjoy 1 Year Warranty on Your Products. Trust our reliable solutions and benefit from a full year of quality assurance. We stand behind the performance and durability of our products. Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty coverage. Choose us for dependable electronic components and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Swift Delivery

Get Your Order in Just Two Days with Second Day Shipping. Experience speedy shipping services for your electronic components. We prioritize efficiency and ensure your products reach you within two business days. Trust our reliable logistics network and enjoy prompt delivery for your time-sensitive projects. Place your order now and receive your items in no time!

Try Before You Buy

Request Free Samples of Our Electronic Components. Experience the quality firsthand with our complimentary samples. We offer the opportunity to test our products before making a purchase. Take advantage of this no-cost option and ensure compatibility and performance for your projects. 

One-stop BOM List

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Benefits of Electronic Contract Manufacturing


More than 50000 different electronic component parts


Serving Over 100 countries.


Served over 14350 customers all over the world.


Over 7440 projects have been done.

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